Grim Riders Charity Ride 2012

. Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Grim Riders charity ride of 2012 details have just been announced and is called the Sculpture Trail.

As with all the previous Grim Riders charity rides, the aim of the challenge is to visit as many of the 20 (up from 16 from the previous years) public sculptures around the UK between January and December 2012 and depending upon the number of sculptures you manage to get photographic evidence of visiting you get awarded a certificate:

Bronze Award - visit any 5 sculptures
Silver Award – visit any 10 sculptures
Gold Award – visit any 15 sculptures
Special Gold Award – visit 16 sculptures

All money raised by entering the charity ride go to as per-previous years goes to the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance which has currently raised over £4,881.

If your interested in further details, check out the links below.

Grim Riders MCC Website

Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance

Grim Riders Castles Ride 2011

. Thursday, November 24, 2011

This years Grim Riders charity ride in aid of the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance is based on visiting as many of the designated castles around the UK (and one in Ireland) as you can between January and December 2011.

Unfortunately due to one thing and other this year looks like the 1st year that non of us will have managed to visit all 15 castles and gain a Grim Riders gold certificate.

The current (as of November) number of castles visited is:

  • Bob - 8 castles, bronze award
  • Bonzo - 8 castles, bronze award
  • Rig - 8 castles, bronze award
  • Andy - 8 castles, bronze award

If you want to see any of the photos from when we have visited these castles, please check on the linkes below:

Restormel Castle
Laugharne Castle
Kenilworth Castle
Castell Dolbadarn
Carisbrooke Castle
Beeston Castle
Conisbrough Castle
Skenfrith Castle

You can also check out our Goggle Map that shows where the castles are and which ones we have visited and which ones we failed to visit.

Even though we didn't manage to visit all of the castles for this years Grim Rider charity ride we are all still looking forward to 2012 to find out what Grim has in-store for us for next years charity ride.

Grim Riders MCC Website

Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance

Eleys Pie Shop


Another surprisingly warm Saturday in September and while we were seated around Bob’s kitchen table drinking tea and putting the world to rights Bob happened to mention that he fancied a pasty from Eleys Pie Shop in Ironbridge, this was like a red rag to a bull, the mention of food top a bunch of hungry bikers so we jumped, hobbled and tottered over to our bikes and headed north west in the pursuit of well-made pastry and meat and a can of coke.

The ride to Ironbridge to be fair isn’t very exciting as there are not many interesting routes but once we arrived at Ironbridge we parked up with a few other bikes at the end of its famous bridge which just so happened to be right opposite Eleys Pie Shop.

Instead of marvelling at the architecture or the beauty of the area or even learning something from one of the ten award-winning museums we sat down outside Eleys Pie Shop and ate pies, drank diet coke and enjoyed the sunshine. A perfect day!

A few more pointless photos can be seen on the website.



On one of the warmest days of the year, instead of staying indoors and cool we decided to head south and have a wander around Wiltshire. Go figure!

We started the day by meeting up with Ray and Bonzo at George White Motorcycles in Swindon, this gave us the opportunity to use the fantastic A429 fosse way almost most of the way to Swindon.

Once we arrived it was about time for breakfast, so we headed inside to the 1st floor café inside George Whites showroom so an acceptable if unspectacular fry up.

Once breakfast had been consumed we decided to head south on the A338, A346, A360 and finally ended up at Stonehenge, but as we are cheap skates and didn’t want to pay the £7.50 to look at a bunch of rocks when headed back north towards Chippenham and after a wave good bye to Bonzo and Ray as they peeled left on the M4 we headed back towards Cirencester and the delights of the fosse way home.

As usual there are a number of photos on the website.