This blog is moving...

. Sunday, May 26, 2013

Due to 'technical issues' with my main website hosting company (they moved my site to a 'better' platform that unfortunately isn't compatible with my existing website.) I've decided to move my website to a new hosting company, the great result of this move is that I have loads of control over my website including automatically updating this blog.

Previously I had to come over to Blogger (when I remembered) and update this blog with any of the updates I've done over at RigsVille, unfortunately due to the pressure of work and family or more likely my old age, I would forget to update this blog (sorry!)

The new website will automatically push out those pesky RSS feed updates thus saving me (and my poor old memory) a job!

So, what does all this drivel mean? (get to the point!!) If you want to continue to get updates (freak!) then please update your blog reader, your bookmarks or however you remember this website so that it now point at the new RigsVille blog and not this one.

The new website can be found at 

I'll catch you on the flip side.

Grim Riders Motorcycle History Trail 2013 Update

. Friday, May 10, 2013

Updates for the Grim Riders Motorcycle History Trail 2013

On Saturday May 4th we decided to spend the day bagging as many of this years Grim Riders locations as we could,, Starting in Coventry and then heading all the way up to Anglesey in North Wales.