Christmas Presents

. Thursday, January 18, 2007
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Like most bikers, the majority of the items on my Christmas list to Santa contained motorcycle related stuff, mine included a new GPS to replace my excellent but non waterproof Garmin I3 (no chance but it was worth a try) some DVD's, a PS2 game and a new set of EDZ thermals

One of the other things on my list was a set of Philips Blue Vision H4 headlight bulbs - I have always liked these bulbs as not only do they give a view of the road on dark nights but they also have a distinctive blue filter that creates the distinctive blue light that matches the blue of the bike.

My wife bought the bulbs from Power Bulbs who are a great company that I have dealt with before on a number of occasions.

Come Christmas morning and I'm sitting in the living room with my wife and 2 children, all of us eagerly opening presents and I open my gift that contains the Philips bulbs.



Just what I wanted!

I thank my wife and Children and pass the gift to my wife to examine, only then does she notice that there is something missing!

When my wife ordered the bulbs from the Power Bulbs website she noticed a big banner advert saying:

"Buy any pair of headlight or indicator bulbs, and receive a FREE pair of Philips Blue Vision W5W sidelight bulbs. More details."

The free bulbs were missing from the box (she had not checked when they were delivered as there was a label asking you to check that the bulbs were the correct fitting before opening, so she didn't)

OK they were only a pair of sidelight bulbs, not a major problem but she thought that it they would look good in the middle eye of the Triumph's headlights, So there I am at 9am on Christmas morning sending an email to Power Bulbs asking if there is a problem with the order as the free bulbs were missing.......

3 hours later!!!!! I got a reply from Power Bulbs thanking me for my enquiry and informing me that the free bulbs were included within the order, they are inside the box that contains the bulbs (You couldn't see them as the cardboard packaging was obscuring them)

So not only am I an idiot for not looking correctly but Power Bulbs provided an response time that many other 'customer focused' company's would find hard to beat but they did so on Christmas day!

Christmas Day FFS!

Many thanks to Power Bulbs for not only a great product at a great price (£19.45 including free postage) but thanks for proving 1st class customer service.


Mike said...

You could have done with having some new glasses as well for Christmas!! lol

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're happy with the service :)

Power Bulbs Ltd