MOT Time!

. Friday, May 18, 2007
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It's that time of year, well to be more accurate, for my Sprint ST it's the first time.

My Sprint ST is now officially over 3 years old and is due an MOT test.

Now I know that a bike that's only 3 years old shouldn't really have any problems but that doesn't stop me worrying about it, as a young lad I hated MOT tests, my bikes would always fail on some minor issues such as bent forks, lack of tread in the tyres or missing headlight bulbs!

I had recently serviced my bike including new brake pads front and back, a new set of tyres and a complete going over with a fine tooth comb but that still didn't stop me worrying about the forthcoming MOT test.

Obviously I needn't have worried though as it passed without any problems, so I have 12 months to go until I start worrying again.

Now I just need shop around for my bike insurance as thats due in 3 weeks time....

Today is Ben's 8th birthday - Happy birthday BB Monster!


Mike said...

Happy Birthday to Ben and I'm glad your bike passed the MOT.

mrsnesbitt said...

Hi, came here via another blog, anyhow I am pillion on a CB13000. Got the bike last year after 7 years on fireblades. My blog does feature our bike adventures. You will know the roads near us very well...we live off the A171 road to Scarborough! Also live near Stokesley to Helmsley Road.

djron81 said...

Tho its late. let me say Happy Birthday! By the way sir.. you look like Russell Crowe here!
Nice blog, i love motorcycles too.