A proud day to be a Dad

. Wednesday, October 03, 2007
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Sorry but this post has nothing to do with motorcycles but I’m so happy and proud that I just had to post this.

For anyone that doesn’t know both me and my eldest son, Scott both study Karate and are members of the Shukokai Karate Association.

Last Sunday (September 30th) was our Karate associations National Championships held in Birmingham, now neither myself nor Scott were competing this year (I did win 1st place in 2005 for Kata but that’s enough of me blowing my own trumpet.) We went along to this year’s competition to cheer on and support a number of our fellow students who were taking part.

After a couple of hours watching and cheering on our friends just before the main event, the men’s black belt division the chief instructor of the association, Malcom Hudson stopped the proceedings and asked for Scott to come and join him in the centre of the hall.

Scott was then given an award for his “Dedication to Training” for his continued effort in training in Karate all through his illness.

We are all very proud of Scott, as any parent would be but even more so when you understand all the medical problems he has come through, all with a brave face and a never ending smile.

Scott – I love you mate.