Sold my Triumph Sprint ST

. Wednesday, August 27, 2008
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On 24 August 2008, after nearly 2 years of ownership and 8,563 miles I've now moved on and sold my Sprint ST, I do hope that Ed the ST's new owner gets as much fun and enjoyment out of her as I did, and good luck with the IAM observer training ED.

Why? I'm still not sure, I noticed that my wandering eyes had started checking out other bikes, firstly it was just an occasional glance out of the corner of my eye, then it started getting much harder to ignore them, either sitting in a car park or dealers showroom, showing off their lithe smooth lines I started getting the urge. You know what I'm talking about? please don't let me be the only one.

So what are you going to get next I hear you all ask? I'm still unsure (typical!) I do like the look of Yamaha's 1000 Fazer with it's nice looking engine, comfortable riding position and great engine, but then again I've always liked quirky looking bikes such as BMW's R1100 but the Mr Sensible in me fancy's a Honda Blackbird. OK it helps that almost all of my mates ride Blackbird's and they are forever trying to tempt me over to the dark side with promises of endless power, great build quality and reliability and I must admit that even though the bikes been out for over 10 years it still looks good (there are a couple of rumor's of a slight change for the 2009 model)

As with most things in life we try to make decisions with our heads, thinking things through and weighing up the pros and cons but in the end all of a man's decision making is done by another part of his anatomy - his heart!


Mike said...

I'm thinking about doing the exact opposite to you by swapping my Blackbird for one of the new Sprint ST's (2005 onwards). I'm in a buy British mood at the moment. But I'm still a little unsure and don't know whether to get another seasons use out of my bike first.

You won't go far wrong with a Blackbird. I've had (touch wood) three years totally trouble free riding on mine.