Bobs Tyred Out

. Monday, October 20, 2008
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(Written by Bob)

Well we started our Saturday ride out in our usual way by meeting up with Bonzo and having a nice breakfast at Fromes Hill cafe where afterwards we were planning on going to go to Rhayader as the scenery is amazing this time of year but my I noticed that my rear tyre was a bit bald so we decided to head back into Birmingham to the Two Wheel Tyre Centre on Queslett Road for a new tyre.

When Rob (The main tyre guy) looked at my front tyre he noticed that I'd got the wrong fitment on the front!, it turns out that Bridgestone have a specific fitment for the Blackbird and when I had been previously visited the Two Wheel Tyre Centre they had fitted a standard Bridgestone BT-020 and not the specific Bridgestone approved one for the blackbird.

I'm not sure what the difference is but as Bridgestone make a specific BT-020 fitment for the Blackbird there must be a reason and seeing as your tyres are an extremely important safety feature I decided to replace both tyres... Bugger Bugger...

As always a few more pictures can be found here


Blindboy said...

My Honda dealer fitted a non Blackbird specific rear BT020 to my bike during a service!! Didn't give any problems and lasted the same as the original. I suppose if you don't drive round at 150mph plus all the time , and I don't get anywhere near that, then the standard fitment will not be a problem.