. Monday, October 09, 2006
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Due to some f%%ker stealing Bonzo's Blackbird me and Bob decided to head down to Cardiff and say hello and to say wind him up about not having a bike and say hello to Ray.

We didn't really have much of an eventful ride there or back as we decided to just stick to the faster roads and rode down the M42, M5, M50, A40, A449 and M4 to get there.

One thing that I did notice in retrospect is that I didn't at any point of the journey feel unconformable or have bum ache I just rode the new ST there and back without incident or comment.

On previous trips like this after a 100 miles or so on my old ST my bum and wrists would start to ache, not much but after 200 miles the ache would gradually start getting worse and worse.

On the new ST I didn't notice any of this, thus proving that the Gel Seat and Skyking Bar Risers were doing their job.


JangleJangle said...

I think I'm gonna get myself a gel seat for the Blackbird from the bike show, 3 hours in the saddle and I'm in pain. Of course I'm only going to be adding fuel to the fire with my mates already accusing me of owning a 2 wheeled winnebago. sorry to here about your mates bike being nicked.. b....rds